Imperfect is More Authentic

Most people I know want the blood and guts.  They want the dirt and the grime.  They want Instagram over Photoshop.  They want the real McCoy.

So why do so many of us busy ourselves with putting on the front that we are perfect or that everything is all right?  Those around us don’t need air brush photos of our lives.  They need reality.  They need the real answers, the straight dope.  Why do we  shy away from that?

For Christians, I believe, it’s because we haven’t fully embraced the Gospel of Jesus.  If we had, our authenticity would be staggeringly risky and blunt.  After all, if we embraced the Gospel of Jesus, we’d have no fear.  We’d always be in the middle of messy conversations.  Awkward situations would be routine.  People on the “outside” would stare.  People on the “inside” would be enraged.  We’d always be showing our collective ass because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is scandalous.  It’s foolishness.  It’s groundbreaking.

The Gospel frees those who believe it from the fears and constraints of the world.  The only way this is possible is if what the Gospel states is bigger and has more gravity than its rivals.  If it’s as potent as we who attend church weekly say it is, then it has the power to change the world, and we bear that good news responsibility.

This is a confession.  Stop being fearful.


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