Charleston Church Shooting

Charleston Church Shooting
I know my redeemer lives. He is the baby wrapped in cloths, laid vulnerable and bare and relegated to the straw and the visible breath of nighttime chill.

He’s the welcoming committee who also warns and produces repentance at great risk to himself. He meets you at night because he’s prepped in prayer that began his day.
He knows his place, his ultimate place is surprisingly inaugurated in death, and emphatically realized in resurrection. His identity has a home in his Father’s declarations and no one else’s. His Father commissioned him to preach and to teach and heal and to liberate.
And when it was all too much to bear and it made no sense, he broke bread & shared wine before of his own accord he gave up his body and his rights to safety so that all might witness his deep love for them.
Love believes all things so when a strange kid shows up at your prayer meeting, you welcome him, and invite him in.


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