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Christmas Morn

My God came to earth emptied of deity,He beckons your reaction,

To the question of his identity,

He was found by the wise following a hunch,

He was divinely announced to shepherds,

In the middle of a midnight lunch.

Shepherds weren’t given,


Nor could their witness measure up to the elect,

They whooped & hollered though,

They danced a jig,

They cared not the opinion that their experience might be compared to that of a pig,

“Let’s go and see this thing that has happened in Bethlehem.”

They couldn’t be silent

They rejoiced for they knew

Christ was born in Bethlehem

And for that, their outlook grew,

Not of their own appearance, 

Not of their own attraction,

These shepherds weren’t used to

Being in the mix or insiders for the 


God made flesh, a manger bed

Invite those who never get invited 

To anything purebred 

Shepherds, astronomers on the hunt,

A lowly virgin & her carpenter

Sure pulled a mean stunt

Now show your joy

Show your joy

This Christ is born today

So much confusion surrounds

His mission and his way

Have eyes and ears

Please think about it

This Christ is King

And he’s come for you

So Merry Christmas tonight

Merry Christmas this morn

We live the reality that Christ is born.


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