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I personally think Donald Trump is one of the most godless candidates anybody could imagine.  He is running as a Republican, however, and apparently in 2016 running as a Republican, even in contradiction to so much of Christ’s teaching, will earn a candidate such as Trump great favor with those who are supposed to be following Christ in taking up the cross of death simply on the basis of not being Hilary or Bernie.  My Christian friends who prefer Trump over the two democratic front runners do so with a nod toward Trump’s unique position as the very first presidential candidate in history who hadn’t been bought.  This is astonishing.

With a hat tip to Walter Brueggemann, I point the reader to the story of Pharaoh.  In Genesis 41, Joseph, having gained notoriety in prison after the episode with Potiphar’s wife, is asked by Paharaoh to interpret a couple of dreams.  You know the dreams:  Seven fat cows and seven skinny/unhealthy cows.  The seven skinny ones devour the seven healthy ones.  Same thing with seven healthy ears of grain and seven withered ears of grain.  As Brueggemann astutely notes:  These are dreams of scarcity, and the irony is thick when you consider that the guy with the most is so anxious about the prospect of not having enough that he has these sorts of dreams.

Therefore, it’s very difficult for me to see how Trump isn’t/can’t be/won’t be bought.  He’s already bought.  He is stuffed with greed which has amassed himself great wealth.  He answers to his own portrait of success, all others be damned.  And if we are to believe his “say anything” approach to communication, he will run the United States in exactly this way.  He can’t rest until he’s made king, and once he is elected, his dreams about our country’s scarcity will drive him to the disastrous ideal of our exceptionalism which gives us license to say or do anything to extract from others so that we might be exalted & enriched.  It’s a way to run a country but it’s anathema to Christ’s teachings which Trump claims to follow.


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