America · Christianity · Jesus · Wealth

Mark 10:17-31

Where the question remains: To what lengths will the American church go to spiritualize this story, rather than allowing it to scandalize us and our reliance on our #1 idol, the almighty dollar? In a sense, America herself might be the rich young ruler to whom this story refers. “I’ve kept all of those laws since my youth, Jesus.”
“Go sell everything and give the proceeds to the poor–and you’ll have treasure in Heaven, and come follow me.”
But he looked gloomy at these commands and sadly went away, for his possessions were great.
We will put on an act, get hot & bothered over all the sins we don’t struggle with that we see in others BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO, and then when Jesus says something that hits us in the pocketbook, we teach it as a metaphor.
Such an odd Christian idea: “I see and affirm what Christ did in such & such a scenario, but I don’t think he intended us to do the same thing he did there.”


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