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Dobson’s Endorsement

A very good friend sent me the link to James Dobson’s endorsement of Donald Trump.  I had read the interview from which it was drawn.  Here was my response to it:

I read Dobson’s interview where he said these things. This is a sad state of affairs. Bob Russell just wrote a book and Jack Graham who’s on Trump’s “Faith” advisory committee wrote the foreword. I read Graham’s piece to Fox News about why Trump is worthy of a Christian’s vote, and to say the data is thin is the understatement of the year. These guys and gals on his advisory board all come from the old religious right which is a failed and embarrassing enterprise in which preachers and faith leaders decided to take hold of the earthly kingdom (fashioned after 1950s America) rather than the one Jesus was about. I’m so sick of this crap I can’t even talk about it with most people because everywhere I turn I hear the same old lame ass excuse that, “a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary, and Hillary’s scary, she’s gonna tear everything to shreds.” She may, but I won’t vote for Trump. This little article by Dobson is so cheap. To think that these faith leaders are kissing the ring of a man whose sexual deviance would make Bill Clinton (whom they crucified for being a ladies man) blush on account that he’s “heard” Trump was “led to Christ” and now he’s a “baby Christian” is quite the benefit of the doubt. Worse, however, is that whatever this conversion was that it’s this very murky fact that has been obtained that we can in good conscience vote for him. All of his despicable activity (the man acts like a jerk every day. He is the favorite of white supremacists, he hates Mexicans and anyone else he deems a “loser”. He’s not reliable to be pro-life or pro-traditional marriage, he’s bankrupted at least 4 of his companies, etc etc etc) doesn’t mean anything where it concerns his “faith”. It’s all about the fact that the man who never asked forgiveness for anything has said the magic prayer. I wish we could see some fruit from Mr. Trump (the bar is incredibly low here, even a slight change in the hatred he pushes would be a glimpse.). Better yet, I wish these supposed faith leaders that so many trust were better at discipling the baby Christian than bowing to him. Sad sad sad. And I know Hillary’s got her issues but she’s not being propped up as “God’s candidate”. And here’s the deal: what if Hillary wins and the church actually has to start taking care of life issues by adopting and fostering and getting involved in neighbor’s lives which undoubtedly has incredible capacity to limit abortions and keep people off welfare? What an opportunity! Can you imagine if the faith leaders bore witness to their convictions in a new way? Lots of room for creativity here and I bet their effectiveness would be 100 times better. Instead of endorsing some candidate savior, we start doing the work everyone assumes the government is supposed to do. Do you think that would garner attention that Christianity is a movement worth embracing? I think so, and I also think it would usher in new persecution because the government no matter who’s in charge likes to have control. If the church took this power away by doing charity and counseling and money management and education better then we’d be in trouble but it would certainly be for the right reasons that Jesus cared about.


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