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White People are Frustrated

My fellow white folks:  Cry me a river if you feel like the whole conversation around race in our country is a moving target.   This “inconvenience” or perceived contradiction between recognizing our racial differences and the supposed “color-blindness” you so desire is a small price to pay for peace.

I get it.  I used to feel the same way.  Why can’t folks just understand the way that the world works and get in line?  Why can’t these black folks getting pulled over just act right?  If only these black people would respect the police, they wouldn’t end up another hashtag.

These are all the beliefs asserted by those folks who don’t want to give of themselves so that peace might be achieved.  There are certainly no guarantees as I as a Christian do not see ultimate peace achieved until our Lord returns, however, the idea that the Jesus of the Bible, who began his ministry by proclaiming freedom for the oppressed and the poor and the underclass, actually wanted us to wait until he comes back to create new possibility for those under the heavy yoke of oppression, is pure hogwash.  It’s an affront to all that Jesus proclaimed while he was walking around on earth.  In fact, this line of thinking exposes the ridiculous notion that all that matters when it comes to our Lord is that he died to satisfy God’s wrath and was raised from the dead.  Jesus’ life be damned, right?

Wrong!  He was crushed for our iniquities.  In other words, he was crushed because of our sinful actions and systems and spirits.  He made an example of all of that foolishness.  He did so in order that we might be saved by taking note of his sacrifice and repenting (changing directions from the wrongheaded to the sacrificial Christlike).  Let’s face it: if we proceed in the same manner, on the same road that we’ve been content to travel, we will perish.

If we white folks continue to say, “peace, peace where there is no peace” then we will reap what we should expect to sow when we refuse to be compassionate on account of our “rightness” which is actually due to our “whiteness”.

If Black Lives Matter is an offense to our white entitlement, then how can we claim Christ’s cross?  Why do we care so much about power when our Lord’s power is made perfect in weakness?  Why are we so quick to point out the flaws of our black brothers and sisters when their blood cries out from the ground?  

Let’s celebrate images like that of Presidents George W Bush & Barack Obama sharing the stage in Dallas for the purpose of mourning and comforting those who have been lost in senselessness.  There is hope in Gospel of the Kingdom, and we should point this hope out everywhere we see it rather than getting frustrated about our diminishing power in the kingdom of man.


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