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Serious Question for Evangelical Christianity

Where do Jesus’ words, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” from Luke 23:34 fit regarding charity among believers who believe different things about how proper Christianity should be lived out and the content a proper Christian should believe?  Is this verse a hint or should it be kept at bay as merely a historical fact of Christ’s crucifixion?  If Christ was in the midst of his pain and excruciating suffering petitioning his Father for leniency on behalf of the guilty who were doing their worst to him, how can we as Christians not extend the same sort of grace toward those who really don’t know if the things they believe or don’t believe about God are absolutely accurate?  Shouldn’t we be comforted by such a reading since we can’t possibly know with all certainty that we are fully correct in matters of doctrine and theology?  Or even living for that matter?  After all, the people Jesus begged divine mercy on were acting on their beliefs that he should be crucified.  


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