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2 Things I don’t understand

Our political spectrum is incredibly exclusive.  That is, it seems, there’s not much room for diversity of policy advocacy wherein sincere voters want to mix & match historically opposed platform planks.  I abhor abortion and believe everyone should, not least Christians, but I won’t vote for Trump no matter how much my anti-abortion cohorts tell me a vote for anyone besides Trump is a vote for Hillary.  And since we know what we’re getting, so the line of thinking goes, with Hillary RE the Supreme Court, we should vote Trump because he’s promised to nominate pro-life justices.  I do not trust Trump anymore than I do Hillary so I can’t vote for either.

I’m also anti-gun.  I’m not wanting to take all the guns away from citizens, but I’d like to see cultural change on guns so that we Americans might admit we’ve got a gun addiction.  Admitting this addiction is the first step to healing.  Why are so many so freaked out over this issue?  It’s as if we lived in Fallujah or some other war-torn place.  Contrary to 8+ years of fear-mongering, Obama has not taken all the guns away.

I am for the free market, but I’d like to see Christians stop equating it with the Kingdom of Christ.  And it would also be nice if we could admit the free market isn’t entirely free…or pure for that matter.  Let’s not make this an idol.  It’s an economic philosophy that looks good on paper.  It’s not the Gospel.

Back to abortion, I have thought this one through at great length trying to see the pro-abortion side with the most empathetic eyes, but I for the life of me can’t justify this gruesome procedure.  Still, I’d prefer if the church would shift away from the pipe dream that it’s ever going to be illegal.  Why can’t we end abortion through prayer, single mom support, adoption, and even contraception?  I know we’ve always done it the other way (hold your nose and vote Trump because he’s a Republican and Republicans are pro-life don’t you know?), but nothing’s much different except to say that the abortion rate has dropped during 8 years of Obama.  Hmmmmm.  Why can’t we the church defeat any need for abortion or at least raise our collective hand that such is our mantra, and we are willing to do anything to help potential mom’s decide to keep their babies or at least to consider adoption as a far superior option to abortion?

These are cultures that must be developed even among us Christians.  “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the second greatest commandment according to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but how well are we doing that?  How concerned about our neighbors are we?  How much time do we even have to be concerned about our neighbors?  How are we prioritizing our neighbors?  I ask these questions because it seems reasonable to conclude that even though Christianity is apparently losing its gaudy numbers of adherents, we still take up a lot of space, and I can’t imagine the abortion rate, the desire (the perceived need due to threats?) to defend gun rights at all costs, and the idolatry associated with our defense of protecting “our” wealth wouldn’t all be helped if we were better at loving our neighbors.  

Trump’s antics do not encourage neighbor love, but neighbor suspicion.  And that’s why I can no more vote for Trump on anti-abortion grounds than I can Hillary.


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